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Why Americans should accept Democratic Socialism

July 24, 2016

At it’s core Socialism is fundemental christian social value and Marx did not invent it he merely codified it around the injustice’s of his day, his political model need’s some serious work though.

Democratic Socialism with Capitalism on a leash is the only way to create a fair and just society.

First the vested interests of the ultra elite own the media, only small newspapers are in some places still free of this control and they tend to have there own agenda but the bulk of the mainstream media is geared to brainwash and mis-educate the public into believing socialism is evil which is perverse since socialism is litterally the politics of the populace.

Then there are other matter’s to remember, COMMUNISM was not socialism, in socialism there is democratic process in communism there is none.

In socialism society is fair, acts like an exteneded family to look after the elderly and the sick and to provide support and help to those down on there luck with state safety net’s, education and health care are high quality and free for all and there is a state pension system and family come’s first with society being extended family but in communism the elderly are shipped off to old folk’s home’s, the workers are housed in blocks like open air prisons and freedom of choice is curtailed with an everyone is a drone to the master party and the emperor leader attitude.

Capitalism and Communism come to the same end, A few ultra powerful ruling over everyone else with slightly more freedom in a democratic capitalist society but just as little as the soviet union in a totalitarian capitalist society in which the people are under control?,. The few end up in control of the many, they have it all and the many have nothing unless the few let them have some, the real NWO of ultra capitalist corporation’s, bank’s with there corrupt right wing politicians and the COMMUNIST apparatchik with it’s commissars in big luxury dacha’s with all the perk’s have much in common and outward appearance’s aside are much the same corrupt creature’s with the difference the Commissars at first take by force and the Capitalist at first manipulate, lie to and defrauds you.

Socialism work’s best at the small scale at the cultural level so a mixed society of both capitalist and socialist values with a cultural socalist safety net is the only sane and normal system but this is not achieved by the politicians or ever by right wing politician’s, it has to come from the society itself and be rooted in it’s culture to be effective.

In eastern Europe the word SOCIALISM has been linked deeply at the psychological level with two heinous systems of the twentieth century Communism and National Socialist (NAZISM which has of course nothing at all to do with socialism).
English Socialism (OLD LABOUR) is about Freedom, freedom from worry, job security, freedom of movement within your society, fairness and the ability to climb the ladder for everyone with the state giving a helping hand by providing free state education, health and well being and Society level happiness for the bulk of the population – those that the Tory elite call the Pleb’s (Latin Patrician upper class of rome – Plebian’s Lower class of rome, serfs a hairs breadth in esteem above a slave).

Capitalism is at root inhumane, YOU are an asset, your life is of value and is estimated but only so long as you are a worker after which you are superfluous so should die off unless you have built up assets to be regarded as wealthy enough that they become your value, even your body is of value in death it is just capitalism at work exploit it until it dies then exploit it some more.
Socialism is about care, you are brother to your fellow man so don’t treat him like a dog, it takes more than one person to move that heavy weight so do it together, if your brother is ill then give him some food, shelter and health care, if you are old and can no longer work but are poor that’s ok because your family the society around you is still there to provide shelter, support and even a pension so you can buy some of the thing’s you want and you won’t starve or die of cold.

Capitalism of the past put the poor into WORK HOUSES, essentally they were enslaved and made into the PROPERTY of the work house owners a little like the US prison system with so many people in prison and prison’s spinning huge profit’s, something is direly wrong there.
Debters Prison’s, if you could not pay you would be imprisoned until you could and they also acted as another form of work house but tended to be more for the upper class of educated rather than the uneducated Plebian’s.

I could go on and on and on but to cut to the chase.

Brainwashing and media control based on FALSE SOCIALISM such as COMMUNISM AND NAZI’sm is the reason so many people think it is evil.
They believe they are free under a capitalist system, funny that because they are owned, there land is owned and even the great American dream was sold out to the corporations in the twentieth century when Corporate regulation was abolished over there making it unattainable for the vast majority of people there except as a DREAM and an idiology exploited to control and manipulate the way they think.

Democratic Socialist, Socialism

Bernie Sanders: Democratic Socialist of the Future?

August 23, 2015

For years Bernie Sanders has tried to fight off the socialist label while pushing for socialist inspired reforms. In 1976, he had said, “I myself don’t use the word socialism.” However in recent years, he has embraced the label, “democratic socialist.” Time and time again, Bernie Sanders has defended his democratic socialist views, even making income inequality one of his primary planks in the 2016 presidential campaign. To many fans back in his home state of Vermont, Bernie Sanders is a socialist hero.
What distinguishes Bernie Sanders from Hillary Clinton is his willingness to ask, and answer, questions that no other presidential candidate would normally ask.
Why are we the only major country on earth that doesn’t guarantee a national health care program?
• Why is the middle class of America vanishing?
• Is it moral for every major company to have disparaging income inequality between the top level executives and the average worker?
Questions like these scare most other presidential hopefuls because either way they answer the question, they will alienate voters from one side or the other. However in the 2016 presidential election, Bernie Sanders has gained a lot of popularity for breaking from the norm and asking these questions.

Much has yet to be seen about Mr. Sanders’ plan, but he has already established himself as the “off-the-wall” politician with a democratic socialist slant.

So with whom does Bernie’s message resonate?
Bernie’s politics became very popular among the fairly liberal state of Vermont. But Bernie’s influence stretches beyond the liberal base. As NPR found out, Mr. Sanders’ biggest fans come from the most conservative parts of Vermont.
He is also immensely popular among millennials; in polls among 18 to 24 year old, he is often only a point or two behind Hilary Clinton. On Twitter and Instagram, hashtags like #feelthebern and #babesforbernie are often trending and on Facebook, Bernie has already amassed half a million more followers than Mrs. Clinton and Jeb Bush.
However, according to John Hudak from FixGov blog, Bernie is lacking momentum among the elderly and minorities. Of course Bernie Sanders’ socialist views are harder to push among the Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, who generally view socialism negatively. In fact, Pew Research Center has revealed that 60% of the Gen X generation view socialism negatively, compared to only 43% among millennials.
So does Bernie Sanders stand a chance?
There is fundamental shift happening across America, and for better or worse, it is towards a more favorable view of socialism. Indeed, a similar poll conducted by Pew Research twenty months prior, revealed that 49% of millennials had negative views of socialism, versus 43% who had favorable views. This sudden decrease could be a sign of deeper tensions across America.
Although not many conservatives can agree with Bernie Sanders on moral issues, a lot of conservatives from his home state of Vermont are backing him because of his views on economic issues. While they may not agree on abortion, for example, they can agree, along with 71% of America, with giving students access to debt-free college education.
Bernie Sanders’ democratic socialist views may not have been popular in the 1970s or ‘80s, but in today’s shifting world he has struck the right nerve. And unlike the other eccentric and goofy presidential hopeful, Donald Trump, whose polar views leave the country divided, Bernie’s messages of income equality, education reform, and tax reforms just might resonate with people on both sides of the fence.
Although, Bernie Sanders has seen a large rise in popularity over the past couple of months, he is still trailing Hilary Clinton by double digits in almost every single poll. In an attempt to secure more of the Democratic base, Mrs. Clinton has started addressing some of the issues that are fundamental to Mr. Sanders’ campaign. For example, Bernie Sanders’ socialist rhetoric focuses on income inequality, which Hilary has only recently started making a focus of her campaign. By doing so, Hilary Clinton hopes to secure the would-be Bernie Sanders’ voters while maintaining her own platform that is fundamentally different from Bernie’s.
Consequently, Bernie Sanders is far ahead of the other major Democratic players. Joe Biden, for example, is pulling less than half of Bernie Sanders’ points in national polls, according to Real Clear Politics. Not to mention while Bernie’s popularity has been steadily rising ever since he has announced his campaign, Hilary Clinton’s rankings in the polls have been steadily decreasing.
A lot of this poll movement has been directly affected by media. While Hilary is constantly plagued by controversies, whether about her email servers or the Clinton Foundation, her top opponent, Bernie Sanders, is quickly becoming a crowd favorite, especially among the millennials.
In fact, many political analysts are quickly seeing another upside of Bernie Sanders’ socialist policies: more voter turnout among the young adults. Young voters need to be more engaged in politics, with the 2014 midterm elections being the lowest voter turnout among 18 to 24 year olds ever. With Bernie Sanders’ 2016 campaign, analysts are seeing a higher engagement of youths than with other presidential candidates; hopefully this will translate into a higher turnout come election day.

So what’s to come?

With the election still a long time away, a lot can change in Democratic presidential candidate field. Hilary Clinton remains a strong favorite among Americans across the board. However, Bernie Sanders’ socialist messages are quickly gaining traction and are starting to wear down on the Clinton’s well-structured political machine. If Hilary Clinton is to have any chance of retaining her lead, she would need to recover from her media controversies and focus on campaign issues.
Of course, many Democrats are left wondering which candidate would be able to go toe to toe with a Republican and win. Hilary has the money and popularity, but many Americans are fearful of a political dynasty. After all, does America need another Clinton vs. Bush?  Why, when they could have a Democratic Socialist vs Libertarian.  Bernie Sanders might become a perfect Democratic socialist candidate. With years of political experience, he has support from both sides of the fence. The question still remains if Bernie Sanders’ socialist views will alienate voters.
Will Bernie Sanders be able to find middle ground and muster enough support from the people on the fence? Only time will tell.